Fujitsu delivers “Bring Your Own Cloud” for the Enterprise – safely and securely


Nowadays, customers not only need Cloud services from experienced providers but even more so a way to manage these multiple cloud services.

The FUJITSU Cloud Integration Platform enables clients to manage, integrate and aggregate both traditional non-cloud and cloud services from a single unified portal.

The FUJITSU Cloud Integration Platform provides:

  • centralized provisioning of cloud resources – whether they be infrastructure, platforms or software
  • a powerful tool for integrating systems, processes and data – such as combing with the existing SAP system
  • centralized data management: no matter where the cloud service runs, a copy of the corporate information is always held securely and separately
  • constant monitoring and reporting of cloud and non-cloud systems and processes, which means a more proactive service for users – where ever their system is located
  • end to end service management through a single pane of glass for both cloud and on-premise systems
  • and finally identity and access management which ensures that only authorized people access your systems


Become a Cloud enabler

The Platform enables the CIO and the IT team to become the cloud enabler within their organization. This allows other parts of the business to “Bring their own Cloud” to a governed IT service for the organization – satisfying the growing requirements organizations have around managing risks and being compliant.

Early adopter program

The Platform will be available during Q1 of 2014 and in the meantime we are welcoming limited numbers of early adopter customers.

To find out more

For more information about the platform please look at:


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