Fujitsu Creates One of Europe’s Biggest ServiceNow Practices with Symfoni ESM Acquisition


The digital business, as we all know, is transforming the way we live. It is transforming the way we conduct businesses. This is powered by some of the inherent, underlying technological disruptions happening in our operating space – be it in cloud, applications on cloud or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).  Our BAS EMEIA strategy is focused on moving our barometer from left (Robust IT) to the right (Fast IT), while maintaining the balance between the two; a very difficult but critical balance to maintain for sustenance and growth in this ever changing market place.

Our strategy is well laid out. It is to grow in big countries, grow in big enterprises, grow our enterprise business, and grow our digital business. We are making positive strides in making it happen. With just over a quarter gone of this fiscal year, we are marching ahead towards execution of our strategy to transform our business to make it next-gen.

One of the key elements of our strategy is an inorganic growth strategy to strengthen our market presence, improve our capabilities, and bring in digital and vertical capabilities into Fujitsu.

And I have some very exciting news on this!

Today we announced Fujitsu’s acquisition of Symfoni ESM, one of the most experienced ServiceNow providers in Northern Europe. This is extremely important to all of us in Fujitsu, as it means that we have significantly expanded our Technology Consulting and delivery capabilities in EMEIA, to create one of the largest ServiceNow practices in the whole of Europe.

The ESM in Symfoni ESM stands for Enterprise Service Management, and this acquisition underlines that we are investing in our service management capabilities that center on the ServiceNow platform. This capability would not only help leverage ESM for our customers but also enable us to provide consulting engagements to help customers implement these platforms. This is one step up the value-chain and is the right step forward to march on to our digital goals.

More and more companies are adopting the principles of IT service management, which is a chance to take a holistic view of how to plan, design, deliver, operate and control entire IT infrastructures.

I’ve witnessed the significant growth in popularity of ServiceNow over the last few years, to become what is now considered to be the de-facto platform for service management. In this sector, we’ve seen companies, including Symfoni ESM, driving impressive growth. Symfoni ESM even took the number one spot in terms of ServiceNow capabilities in Northern Europe and, together, we see exponential growth in this area.

These trends reflect the fact that enterprise customers are starting to implement increasingly complex and sophisticated ServiceNow deployments. As a consequence, they have been demanding more from both Fujitsu and Symfoni ESM as their ServiceNow partners. This has not only encompassed support with consulting, implementation and managed services, but also guidance to help customers navigate the whole process, for example by providing training and assistance with change management.

In the fast-changing SaaS market segment, Fujitsu’s newly-enhanced practice puts us in a position where we are better enabled to help customers take full advantage of the powerful business benefits that ServiceNow offers. We believe that our timing is good: Industry watchers agree that IT Service Management, and the consulting around it, is starting to grow beyond just governing IT processes, to cover the whole of the enterprise. In this new paradigm, companies like Fujitsu that have invested in ServiceNow capabilities, will be well positioned as the obvious choice to help organizations with their next wave of digital transformation.

For further informations: Press Release: Fujitsu Creates One of Europe’s Biggest ServiceNow Practices with Symfoni ESM Acquisition

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