FUJITSU CELSIUS M770 workstation wins prestigious iF DESIGN AWARD

Fujitsu wins iF Design Award

Customers in media & entertainment, design and engineering are some of the most demanding in the world, so our workstations have to deliver when it comes to performance. These same clients also place high expectations on good design, so we’ve ensured our devices feature impressive usability and serviceability.

But don’t just take our word for it. One of the most celebrated design competitions in the world also agrees. iF DESIGN AWARD recently acknowledged the striking features of our new FUJITSU CELSIUS M770, giving the high-end, Intel Xeon desktop workstation an iF GOLD AWARD in the product category.

In the words of its design experts, “The FUJITSU CELSIUS M770 is a high-end computer with excellent build quality, backed by a reliable brand image. Intended for the commercial market, it is still very user-friendly with regards to maintenance and upgrading.”

So, what makes the CELSIUS M770 so special? Toni Koberling, Head of Brand & Design, enlisted the help of global design firm FLUID Design GmbH to take an entirely fresh look at the desktop workstation. And, in the process, re-designed everything to improve accessibility, to minimise downtime during maintenance and to improve acoustics. Stylish good looks were also essential.

Acoustics is a major challenge in a high-end workstation designed for demanding workflows like high-end CAD, VR, rendering and simulation. With this in mind, we developed a new thermal management system. The whisper quiet tri-channel design helps ensure that the air flows efficiently and fans don’t have to work too hard. Components are compartmentalised and hidden away behind internal doors with embossed icons to make them easy to find.

The internal structure is very tidy and completely free from cables. Integrated handles with green touchpoints mean storage, GPUs, fans and other components can be removed easily. In an unusual case of power supply failure, a replacement unit can be fitted in seconds.

But the team didn’t stop there. To make maintenance even easier, up to four cold plug drives can be accessed from the front. Simply push the discrete green button to release a panel and then pull out the drive. As each drive automatically mates with a custom back plane there are no cables to connect for data or power.

Easy accessibility is great, but security is even more important. So, the system can be protected from unauthorised access with a safety lock. There is even an intrusion detector sensor that can be triggered if the side panel is taken off.

We’re very proud of the CELSIUS M770 and honoured for it to be recognised by the design experts at the iF DESIGN AWARD. If you want to see the innovation behind the award-winning design of the CELIUS M770, check out the one-minute teardown video below. Workstation maintenance has never been so easy.

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