Fujitsu Celebrates Earth Day 2017!

EarthDay Fujitsu 2017

Everything is bigger in Texas, and Earth Day is no exception! This year’s celebration in Dallas, Texas was the largest Earth Day event in the world, welcoming over 150,000 people and 1500 businesses in a 3-day exhibition to celebrate the latest in green innovation. Pioneering environmental solutions is a top priority for Fujitsu, and a part of our Responsible Business strategy, so we were proud to be present.

Fujitsu showcased our smart mobility solution, SPATIOWL, a platform that combines and overlays different types of information, such as real time data on congestion by treating other vehicles as moving sensors. Providing drivers with optimal routes in this way can optimize traffic flow and reduce fuel use and CO2 emissions.

Earth Day Fujitsu 2017We also talked about Fujitsu’s OpenADR solution – mass energy control through IoT, as well as remote monitoring of vast solar power generation, and our farming technology that can increase the crop yield by 30% without genetic modification. For more, check out our new YouTube channel!

Thanks go to our Fujitsu volunteers for helping out at the booth!

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