Flexible Capacity for Business Growth

I often hear from customers that they have rapidly growing workloads, and that the growth rates are unpredictable as well. Customers may experience growth spurts driven by the cyclical nature of their businesses as well as by new business initiatives. Businesses need to be able to grow their compute capacity in the most graceful and cost-effective way possible while minimizing upfront investment.

The Fujitsu M10 server family stands above the crowd in this regard. First, all models of the Fujitsu M10 family can take advantage of easy activation of additional CPU cores to dynamically and gradually increase compute capacity without downtime. This is analogous to adding new pistons to the engine of a truck hauling a heavy load on a busy highway without pulling over to the shoulder.


The minimum number of cores is two for the Fujitsu M10-1 and four for the Fujitsu M10-4 and M10-4S models. The compute capacity of Fujitsu M10 systems can then be expanded through core activation by purchasing and activating two processor cores at a time. An added benefit of core activation is increased availability; if any active core experiences a failure, a yet-to-be-activated core will step in to fill the processing gap, seamlessly. Skip pulling over to the shoulder and keep on driving the business.

In addition, the Fujitsu M10-4S provides an extremely scalable architecture based on building blocks and a high-speed, transparent interconnect. Each building block is a compact 4U size with four processors. With up to 16 building blocks, the system can include as many as 1024 processor cores and a whopping 32 TB of memory.

In the example shown below, during the first year (left) a new application is being developed. During the second year (center), the new application is put into production and the core count is tripled from 8 to 48 cores in the same building block.  In the third and subsequent years (right) additional cores and building blocks are added to grow capacity to a total of 192 cores across 3 chassis. The system can continue to flexibly grow up to 1024 cores and 32 TB of memory capacity.

Fujitsu M10-4S growing flexibly from 8 cores to 192 cores while business continues.
Fujitsu M10-4S growing flexibly from 8 cores to 192 cores while business continues.

The benefits of this highly flexible design include lower upfront costs, faster adaptation to increased workloads and smaller incremental costs as the workloads grow. The cost savings can be substantial, since the savings extend directly to software license costs as well, with these generally priced on a per-core basis.

Have a safe and rewarding journey on the information highway.

Learn more about starting small and growing flexibly with the Fujitsu M10 family here.

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