Flash, NVMe, SCM, and NVMe-oF – The paralysis of too many choices!

Buying data storage today can be confusing, exacerbated by all the emerging terms that are flying around – from enterprise Flash and Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) to storage class memory (SCM) and NVMe over Fabric. Meanwhile, all-flash has now become the new normal for front-line applications. However, other storage options – in particular, hybrid disk and NVMe – still have a place at the table. But the choice can be overwhelming. To make an informed choice in terms of selecting the right storage solution, it is important to keep business needs and technology imperatives top of mind.

The business demands

The drive to achieve better business performance by implementing new initiatives and working practices inevitably place new stresses on businesses’ existing IT infrastructure. And this is also true of the storage systems that contain the business critical information that organizations rely on – for example, customer data, transaction records, employee documents, and other digital content. Consequently, business users need to understand how the pursuit of business objectives creates data-related challenges that ultimately translate to storage system requirements. These business objectives can include:

  • Supporting business growth and development
  • Keeping the business running safely and securely
  • Managing resources, costs and overheads effectively

Our new evaluation guide: “Choice in a Shifting Landscape”, (available here for download) can help you identify your storage requirements to prioritize the investments that will help address your business challenges.

The technology imperative

How and where you use solid-state memory is the new differentiator for enterprise storage. Turning specifically to storage arrays, making effective investment decisions today means matching the essential business imperatives of growth, risk mitigation and cost reduction to all the available storage options, even as you plan to add the latest technologies. And of course, any storage options have to address the fundamental technology considerations of:

  • Performance
  • Capacity and scalability
  • Availability and resilience
  • Intelligent data management
  • Skills and operation
  • Future-proof technology

Our additional new evaluation guide, “Storage in the Era of NVMe” which you can download here, will help further crystalize your understanding of where the latest storage technologies fit in the ever-evolving continuum that is enterprise storage.

We are at the cusp of tectonic shifts in the storage world, where new technologies are set to disrupt storage. With these significant changes in mind, when buying storage, it is important to take future considerations into account and to remember that new storage purchases will profoundly impact your business today and tomorrow.

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