Far from basic: How ServiceNow offers a pragmatic way of turning GDPR into a huge opportunity

Far from basic: How ServiceNow offers a pragmatic way of turning GDPR into a huge opportunity

It’s not often that you can start a sales-pitch with the word ‘dull’. People shy away from that word. Digital solutions need to be exciting, and conjure up visions of cool, exciting futures. But, sometimes dull can be a virtue. Especially when it comes to repetitive, seemingly mundane bureaucratic tasks. They’re vital, of course. The world would come to a screeching halt if we stopped doing the dull, mundane tasks: the trick is to make it happen as simply, seamlessly and efficiently as possible. And that’s the strength of digital: it can cope with dull. In fact, it loves it.

Which means it leaves you free to focus on exciting opportunities. I want to convince you that GDPR is just such an opportunity. It’s a chance to deepen customer engagement and build greater trust by optimizing the way you manage data. I’ll explain.

When I talk about ServiceNow – and I talk about it a lot, I’ve spent years delivering it for all kinds of organizations – I sell a vision: it’s a joined up, frictionless enterprise service management solution that enables organizations to focus on what they do best, whatever that product or service happens to be. But, then I emphasize that one of the key benefits is getting the dull stuff done so everyone can concentrate on delivering exciting outcomes.

GDPR is coming and it’s full of basic but very necessary demands that must be complied with. The downsides of not doing so are well known: huge potential fines and reputational damage linked to loss or misuse of personal data. But the upsides are talked about less: the rights it gives us all, and the opportunity for enterprises to prove that they care about personal data.

So, by putting in place processes, applications and systems that encompass your entire operation you can, for instance, deal with a request from someone who wants to know, in detail, what data you hold about them and what you’re doing with it quickly and simply. That excellent customer service helps build your brand and build customer trust.

Most organizations already have processes in place to do that, but they’re not joined up. That’s a problem. Fragmented data that resides in different departments or functions, even nations, takes a lot of time and effort to collate. If there are both people and technological barriers, then the problem gets worse. ServiceNow can transform that situation.

What’s needed is a pragmatic solution to get the boring stuff done. A single pane of glass that shows you where the data is and brings it together as a single record. One place to handle the request, one place to process it, and one place to reply – as part of a regime that guides you to full compliance with GDPR.

If you are already a ServiceNow user, then the process can be set up in a matter of days, enabling you to start working toward GDPR compliance. It’s a cost-effective solution to a need that can’t be avoided. GDPR is a fundamental change in the rights of EU data citizens. Some people are afraid of it – there’s been a hint of the Y2K scare about its imminent arrival – but it’s going to be fine. My mission is to help my customers put some of the technology in place to help with GDPR without having to invest too much time, effort and money in doing so.

It’s a simple sales pitch: ensure that the processes are in place to achieve a pragmatic solution to an essential need. Do the dull stuff and build a close relationship with your customers. They trust you more, and your reputation soars, as do revenues. Done deal.

Contact us to find out more about how Fujitsu can enable ServiceNow to help you comply with GDPR.

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