Experton Group: Fujitsu ranks as a leader for Cloud offerings

Fujitsu’s Global Cloud Platform is recognized as one of the industry’s leading private cloud solutions in the independent ‘Cloud Vendor Benchmark 2011’, published in early May 2011 by independent research firm Experton. The report ranks Fujitsu as a leader among 58 contenders for Cloud Infrastructure, Infrastructure-as-a-Service and in our cloud offerings for large enterprises, and ranks us as a Market Challenger for our cloud offerings for small- and mid-size businesses.

Experton’s research was based on Fujitsu’s pilot platform in Germany. The dramatic improvement in Fujitsu’s rankings since the 2010 report really serves to underline that our Cloud offerings have come a long way. The fact that an independent study has recognized our leadership in Germany, our pilot market for the CEMEA&I regional rollout of the Global Cloud Platform, is powerful external endorsement that our approach is able to meet end customer expectations, and performs strongly in a competitive market.

The Experton research estimates that in Germany alone, spending on cloud infrastructure will climb to EUR 670 million from EUR 400 million in 2010.


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