Expert Talk: Discover the details of data deduplication and the features of the new ETERNUS CS800 S2

Have you ever thought about keeping your whole backup cycles on disk? Maybe yes, but finally you considered this as too expensive (hardware price and energy costs)? But now you have the opportunity to enable a complete Disk-to-Disk backup solution (D2D) with Fujitsu’s ETERNUS CS800 Data Protection Appliance with integrated data deduplication. Additionally you have still the opportunity to offload data to tapes for long term backups (Disk to Disk to Tape – D2D2T). Fujitsu offers the second generation of its innovative ETERNUS CS800 S2. Beside the models with NAS interface you can also choose a VTL model, all of them give you the highest flexibility in your backup environment.

To become more familiar with the ETERNUS CS800 S2 and data deduplication, you can study these expert videos:

ETERNUS CS800 – Deduplication explained

ETERNUS CS800 – Overview

ETERNUS CS800 – Symantec OST Support

ETERNUS CS800 – Path To Tape


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    Sergey Zhilkin
    December 19, 2011

    Hi ! ETERNUS CS800 – Symantec OST Support Return HTTP/403 error :( Please fix. Thanks !

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    Daniel Klaus
    December 20, 2011

    Hi, there is an updated post, pls have a look at it here:

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