Every day millions of things get connected! So what?


5 Million Connected ThingsYes, it’s true; predictions about the number of connected things spring up like mushrooms and they are usually as impressive as intangible. But let’s not get stuck with numbers, but think about what connecting things really means or their results. In short I would say: A wealth of data!

Does that sound great? Well, potentially somehow great, as data is not the same as information! Today, only a fraction of the data available is turned into actionable insight. And, ironically, by connecting more and more things, the percentage of real information decreases compared to the total quantity of existing data. But fortunately it doesn’t have to be like this! Industrial IoT solutions can help companies to turn data into a profound basis for creating better products and services, more innovation, safety and customization.

However, many people still think that Industrial IoT solutions are a techie topic, which primarily requires knowledge about devices, sensors, computing power, network capacities etc. In fact that is the easy part!

Fujitsu Connected Manufacturing works with existing SAP and shop-floor automation systems in order to provide a live view of the entire value chain, to streamline processes, to optimize operations and ensure compliance.Fujitsu Connected Enterprise has been designed based on in depth insight in business processes e.g. in the manufacturing and energy sector. Thanks to a consultative end-to-end approach and deep integration into SAP MII, its enables companies to substantially transform their manufacturing and asset operations so as to obtain better business outcomes.

Fujitsu Connected Assets help maintenance teams to track the performance of their assets, automate their processes and mobilize their workers and optimize asset utilization by moving from reactive to predictive maintenance.

50 Billion Things ConnectedIn fact, there is no need to be too worried, excited or overwhelmed by the ever-increasing number of things. There are already proven approaches in place which cover both, the IT and the OT layer, and which wisely and rapidly connect people, things, data and business networks – in some cases in only a few weeks.

For a holistic and up-to-date view of the status, challenges and benefits of Industrial IoT solutions please read the White Paper „The Connected Enterprise: Making the Industrial IoT Happen – Right Here, Right Now“.

In order to discover more Fujitsu services and solutions that help SAP customers to shape the digital future, please visit:

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