How Energy-Efficient PCs Can Help Your Company Save Costs and Meet Energy Goals

How Energy-Efficient PCs Can Help Your Company Save Costs and Meet Energy Goals

Large enterprises spend millions of dollars on energy each year, and a significant part of this comes from computing devices and IT infrastructure, yet many companies fail to see energy efficiency as something that can affect their bottom line and help them meet their energy and climate change goals.

Green Goals: Save Energy, Save Money

Switzerland recently passed a new energy law that paves the way for a green future for Swiss people. The new law aims to promote renewable energy, reduce energy consumption and phase out nuclear power plants. It will eventually result in a greater focus on energy efficiency and green targets for companies and public offices. Germany, Austria and Nordic countries have had similar energy laws in place for many years.

Computers are considered to be one of the biggest energy guzzlers in consumer electronics, with desktops being the worst offenders. According to a report from the US Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), the total electricity consumed by all the computers in the US is the same as 30 large power plants emitting 65 million metric tons of carbon dioxide every year.

Last year, the California Energy Commission (CEC) approved new energy efficiency standards for desktop computers, laptops, workstations and monitors in an effort to regulate energy use and reduce the state’s greenhouse gas emissions. It is expected that, once PCs and monitors that are not energy efficient are replaced with energy-efficient devices that meet the new standards, the total energy consumed by computers will be reduced by half, saving approximately $370 million in electricity bills each year.

Save Energy and Reduce Costs with Fujitsu’s Energy-Efficient Desktops

Saving energy has always been at the core of Fujitsu’s deskbound devices, be it desktop PCs, workstations or thin clients and displays. Our commitment to environmental protection and focus on low carbon footprint devices starts with our choice of components and production methodology. Our desktops comply with the latest energy consumption standards and certifications such as Energy Star®, Blue Angel and EPEAT.

Save Energy and Reduce Costs with Fujitsu's Energy-Efficient DesktopsHalogen-free mainboards and PVC-free options: By selecting environmentally friendly materials and eliminating the use of harmful and potentially harmful substances in our ESPRIMO PCs and production processes, we ensure energy-optimized product development and recycling in an environmentally conscious manner.

Energy-efficient power supply units (PSUs): With up to 94% energy-efficient PSUs, our desktops virtually eliminate the risk of power losses and therefore facilitate the highest level of energy efficiency, low carbon footprint and substantial cost savings. ESPRIMO power supply units and board regulator circuitry do not only have highly energy efficient transformation at full or half load, they are also extremely efficient at low levels of power.

Low Power Active Mode (LPAM): LPAM is an innovative, power-saving feature of our ESPRIMO PCs. It helps bridge the gap between a PC’s operating state and conventional standby. With LPAM activated, a desktop PC becomes more responsive than in suspend-to-RAM mode — a PC may look as though it’s been turned off, but it will draw enough power to perform critical background tasks. Power-hungry applications such as browsers are reliably suspended while network connections are kept alive so that email clients may connect to the server and keep a user’s inbox up to date at any point in time. Put simply, the LPAM feature ensures that your desktop PC is constantly available and that energy consumption is significantly reduced in idle mode.

Change Is in the Air

Thanks to international collaboration on climate change and global carbon regulation, some companies are getting serious about energy saving, reducing their carbon footprint and energy efficiency. The additional push comes from the fact that many countries have already passed energy laws that companies have to comply with. The Asian giants, China and India, have made huge commitments to reducing their carbon footprints. All these factors combined are motivating (or forcing, in some cases) organizations across the globe to find ways to improve the energy efficiency of their offices.

If you are interested in such energy-efficient devices, please have a look at the ESPRIMO product page or contact your local Fujitsu reseller.

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