End users can benefit from Managed Services.

The only thing what IT users need is a working IT department which delivers high quality services. But this is not as easy as it seems to be. Employees have to show more and more flexibility and action. They shall use ERP and CRM on the road and get their needed information on the fly.  And the kind of collaboration is also changing, Unified and Instant Messaging are coming up, and the consciousness for Social Networking and Conferencing systems is growing. All of it can be realized only if the IT department has the know-how and the resources to deliver new and more services. In this case, Managed Services can help. End users can benefit from Fujitsu’s special offering. This includes not only the elements of a modern Collaboration but also of the operation of a standard IT workplace consisting of a PC, printer and software.
The Managed Services can be delivered on-premise using customers’ or Fujitsu’s hard- and software. But it is also possible to use the needed datacenter resources as a Cloud Service – either Private or Public Cloud.
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More information about End User Services in the Internet  and in this brochure

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