Does your IT turn into a business advantage fast enough?

How to manage IT environment refreshes

Servers remain the core of IT operations – regardless if they are implemented rather traditionally or in a wider network of hybrid IT environments or as part of converged and hyper-converged infrastructures. In fact, until you get to a continuous and daily operation, there are several factors that play a role in the planning and rollout phase of IT environment refreshes. However, this is not the end of the story, since operation can easily cause some major headaches.

Not only can configuration and planning be a huge obstacle once the vendor fails to deliver accordingly, in addition, operation and administration can be a problem. If a maintenance case then arises, there you have simply no time or resources left to invest in strategic IT projects.
Although it is often not necessary to place these burdens on IT staff, this is something that happens frequently, driving costs sky high.

Ultimately, your IT staff is faced with a great deal of planning, extensive rollout phases and tons of paper to wade through to get everything up and running. At the same time, users sit around, barely able to carry out their daily routines and jobs effectively. Customers cannot be served and the numbers drop.

The solution sounds as simple as it is logica

Rely on a) the right partner and b) the right products right from the start.
Fujitsu’s entire eco-system goes way beyond simply providing hardware, integrated systems and software components. We make sure to deliver comprehensive administration and management tools with our award-winning servers to reduce complexity, effort and cost for maintenance, deployment and control of your IT infrastructures. Moreover, you can rely on a global partner to support you in all phases of your systems’ lifecycle. Even in the unlikely event of a system downtime, our technical consultants are available around the clock to solve any issue – before it damages your daily routine, your operations and reputation with customers.

In other words, you can certainly do things for yourself – which can often prove useful. Nevertheless, you should ask yourself how agile you can remain in your particular competitive fields while doing so. An upfront investment can result in higher numbers and more flexibility, operations that are more reliable and happier customers.

The simple question you should ask yourself is: how much risk are you willing to take? Fujitsu can remove a great deal of risk quite easily: choose PRIMERGY systems. They come with a range of our tools and services as standard from the start.

In case you missed it, we have visualized this for you in a slightly different set-up . Maybe you can relate? If so, give us a call, we are happy to discuss how we can free you from your burdens.

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