Do you want to become a cloud reseller?

That’s the feeling you get as a reseller. SaaS or even Software as a Service, in other words software from the cloud is a closed shop. How annoying!

“Not with us”, we said and developed the 4-pillar model, in which resellers with good customer contacts and branch-specific and/or IT know-how can also be given a chance. The four pillars are – in addition to you as a reseller – of course Fujitsu as the shopkeeper, software vendors (ISVs) and the fourth member of the group – ALSO Actebis, who helps bring ISVs together with the right resellers.

Find out more in the interview with Tara McCartney, Partner Manager Cloud ->

Alternative link to the Video: see

If you want to seize the opportunity, please get in touch with directly.

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    Stefan S.
    April 17, 2013

    Wow, that was a bit disconcerting. It took me a while to figure out that you had to click on the link below to actually watch the full video at the Fujitsu site. Anyhow, having the opportunity to resell cloud services on behalf of Fujitsu is a great strategy. Given the opportunity of the European market, particularly Germany, I am not surprised that Fujitsu is pursuing a market strategy similar to that of Microsoft and SUSE. Good luck!

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