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How smart companies are all about having a secure infrastructure that can handle an attack

There are companies and there are smart companies. While ‘Rip and replace’ is one of the many options for companies that want to refresh their hardware, smart companies typically preserve budgets for projects that have more priority. Smart companies have CTOs/CIOs, IT managers and system admins that know how they can extract the maximum value from their existing IT instead of stretching their budgets to acquire newer equipment.

Striking the Right Balance

Smart companies also look at alternatives that provide the optimal balance between security and computing power. If a certain percentage of your computing is purely task-based computing — POS terminals at multiple retail locations, customer service terminals at branch offices — that handles sensitive information and happens over a network with a server at the backend, then it makes sense to shift to a secure, easy-to-manage infrastructure.

Handling an Attack

Smart companies are all about having a secure infrastructure that can handle an attack while ensuring that business continuity never gets disrupted. Smart companies always prioritize security, high availability and scalability that are critical for matching up to the growth of the organization without losing perspective on the operational difficulties of having a large IT sprawl.

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Do More with Less

Having a ‘do more with less’ outlook by leveraging existing infrastructures such as your server backend and virtualizing certain ‘departments’ in your organization is a smart way to start. Server-based computing (SBC) and Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI) are not new concepts; however, in the current environment of frequent cyberattacks, it makes sense for organizations to have greater control over their end-point devices, their networks and, more importantly, their data. Companies that are interested in having a proactive security posture that can effectively handle an IT crisis such as a breach or a cyberattack need to start experimenting with this approach.

Leverage your Existing Infrastructure. Start your Lean IT Journey Now

Maybe your IT team is struggling for time, personnel and budgets? Why not leverage your existing server backend, pilot a Thin Client deployment and see how you can do more with less?

One way to start is to inventory all devices that have almost reached their end-of-life (EOL). Instead of acquiring new equipment and getting rid of EOL equipment, you can start by checking if it can be repurposed. This is facilitated by the eLux operating system (OS), which is a hardware-agnostic Thin Client OS that has flexible licensing, enabling customers to:

  • Convert existing hardware such as Desktops to Thin Clients by installing the eLux OS
  • Migrate the existing license to a newly acquired Thin Client device when the old device needs to be replaced completely

These two simple steps enable you to protect your existing investments and save costs when you finally acquire new hardware, resulting in a dual benefit of trying out a new computing approach and doing more with less.

In case you require any further consultation, feel free to get in touch with your local Fujitsu sales representative or Fujitsu Reseller, or visit our website. We have experienced teams that can help you understand how it can benefit your organization.

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