Having read our new Insight Guide, Enterprise Evolution at Digital Speed, I was intrigued by its claim that the first wave of digitalization was, on the whole, a failure. We hear so much about it that you’d expect to hear success story after success story, right? I wondered what some of my contacts here in the Caribbean thought about it – so I asked them.


Most agreed that it had failed to deliver. They pointed to the fact that, in many cases, digitalization did not manage to create an integrated approach to data that could cut across silos, or reduce information clutter and content sprawl. People couldn’t get the 360° view they needed to make the most of the digitalization process.

What’s needed is a unification of digital platforms so organizations can extract value from the huge quantities of data that are being generated and benefit from it commercially. That’s not happening across the board yet.

The picture in the Caribbean is actually quite complex, and mirrors what is happening in other regions. You have businesses who are trying to leapfrog into big data solutions and mobile environments, whilst others – possibly the more established organizations – are just focused on digitalizing their back offices. But both kinds of organizations have to interact with each other and that brings additional challenges. Clearly there is a lot to consider.

I think my Fujitsu colleagues involved in the original debate hit on something which is relevant to that situation: the need for people to be bold and disobedient so that they can experiment with new business models and find new ways to make the most of data. Now, that disobedience shouldn’t be reckless; it should be tempered and in context. This kind of approach can help us to think about digitalization in different ways, and that’s what’s necessary if you’re going to make it work. I look forward to seeing how the second wave progresses and what the response will be if I ask my contacts again in 12 months.

Until then, have a read of the guide for yourself and let us know your thoughts below or by using our Twitter hashtag #EnablingDigital .

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