Did you know about Fujitsu’s long history in the tablet PC market?


As more and more users are switching from a notebook to a tablet PC, I thought that I also would borrow a tablet PC for testing. Now I have been using a tablet PC for the last six months and have found out that this exceptional tool can make a significant contribution to my productivity. The versatility of these pen-based systems brings new meaning to the concept of flexibility on the go. My LIFEBOOK T5010 allows me to work while standing and walking and finally makes a paperless office possible. Better still, I can attend meetings and work on emails with the pen, meaning nobody hears the typing 😉

Today I want to share the history of the tablet PC market and Fujitsu’s role in tablet PC development:

  • As early as 7,000 years ago, our ancestors used stone tablets to record their languages and history. Remains of those stone tablets still exist and were a technological innovation that took thousands of years to equal. Do you want to find out more about the history of tablet PCs? <<slideshare doc>>
  • We launched the first tablet PC named PoquetPad (STYLISTIC) in March 1990. In 2006 we launched the first bi-directional hinge tablet allowing the display to rotate through 360 degrees.
    If you want to find more about our “Firsts”, please have a look at: <<slideshare doc>>
  • We have launched 19 generations of tablet PCs, and of course we equipped every generation with new features and technical improvements. If you want to read more about the first 10 generations, click here: -<<slideshare doc>>


If you are still not convinced whether a tablet PC is for you, we have prepared a test “which notebook fits you best”:

I hope the history of our tablet PCs was interesting for you. I can certainly say that I learned a lot. And isn’t that long and impressive history of tablet PCs a good reason to rely on them?
At the moment we have 5 different tablet PCs available with outstanding features: LIFEBOOK T900, LIFEBOOK T4410/4310 and LIFEBOOK T5010 and our STYLISTIC ST6012 slate PC.

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