Data precision gives smart manufacturers the edge

Data volumes keep scaling

The rapid rise of data volumes might be a cliché, but it’s also a reality. I stopped keeping track of the numbers long ago. There are just too many zeroes in all those petabytes and yottabytes for all but a tiny minority of people to keep track, let alone understand what’s going on. The point is, there’s way too much data being generated for any human to cope with.

But, data is precisely what makes our digital technologies valuable to both individuals and society. It’s what powers the digital age. Again, the clichés are already flying around: Data is the new oil, data is a precious metal – you get the picture. The point is not that there’s too much data, it’s how you manage it to yield insights which generates value for manufacturers.

That’s what we’ve been working on at Fujitsu. Because we run our own factories we have a direct stake in ensuring that the data we generate makes us smarter and faster. The data will also enable us to create and operate new subscription-based business models, get closer to achieving Lot Size 1, and much more in the future.

OT and IT convergence

We focused on a key priority for all manufacturers; the synthesis of two kinds of valuable sources of data; operational technology and information technology – OT and IT. Our view is simple, they must converge to empower truly smart manufacturers to create not just a digital factory, but a truly integrated supply chain and achieve the agility they need in a fast-moving marketplace.

Driving that need for convergence and delivering potential transformative benefits to all manufacturers and their customers is, of course, The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The fact that sensors and SIM cards can be embedded in any and every ‘thing’ means that the volume of data generated will accelerate faster and faster. The convergence of OT and IT needs to anticipate and absorb that growth and be able to handle it effectively and efficiently.

Get to critical data faster

To cope with huge volumes of data and yield value from it you need intelligent automation. INTELLIEDGE Appliance and Gateway are designed to pre-select relevant data and ensure that its collected, sent to the right place (the cloud for instance) where gets processed in the right form. It enables you to get to the critical data quicker and process it at the edge using specifically designed software which delivers key insights to the heart and brain of your manufacturing enterprise.




And that’s why it’s so important to achieve that OT and IT convergence; all your data must flow together so it can yield more value at every stage; from supply chain to production line. INTELLIEDGE gives you the power to take control of your data. And that starts with the ability to understand the data you have and how you can use it to make your business more competitive.

From raw data to data precision

That’s why data precision is so important, it gives you clarity. You can move faster from raw data to information, which then helps you build the knowledge you need to achieve valuable – and actionable – insights. Insights which deliver the clarity you need to improve and transform your operations.

Learn more about how FUJITSU IoT Solution INTELLIEDGE can help you connect your OT and IT systems for better insights into enterprise data that is being generated at the edge of your enterprise.

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