Communication in the 21st century office

Collaboration and communication are top of mind concerns of office workers worldwide. Today’s office workers have more communication tools at their fingertips than ever before: mail, video, instant messaging, etc. The nearly endless possibilities make communication overwhelming. This need not be so.

At this year’s Fujitsu Forum, we will be presenting a Unified Communication and Collaboration (UC&C) solution showing a number of tools working in concert. Why not also look at the ESPRIMO Q920 and X913-T PCs, and see how UC&C works from a desktop PC?


Are you using Microsoft® SharePoint® as a means of communication?

How can you make the most of your SharePoint investment? What does an award-winning social intranet look like? Fujitsu’s Valo solution is a ready-made intranet solution that has been developed for SharePoint 2013. Valo has been created to improve the effectiveness of internal communication, interactive communication and teamwork online. See for yourself at Fujitsu Forum 2013.

As we all know, environmental change will have a tremendous impact on our lives. In the case of desktop PCs, the habits of office workers can make a huge difference. How many PCs consume energy while workers are at lunch or in a meeting? Besides the environmental impact, this also has a financial impact. Do you want to make a difference? Then, consider ESPRIMO PCs with the Low Power Active Mode.

Security is another key aspect. By ensuring authorized access to vital business data, huge financial damage can be avoided. Fujitsu’s Workplace Protect security software for workplaces features security functions from pre-boot authentication to data protection. It supports a wide range of security devices like SmartCard readers and sophisticated biometric devices like the PalmVein scanner.


How are you modernizing your office?
As you embark on this journey, you will find that one size does not fit all.
Talk to our experts at the Fujitsu Forum to see what Fujitsu can do for you.

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