Chasing the next IT-storage tornado

While the word tornado conjures up images of flying cows, no doubt aided by films such as Twister, Geoff More fans think of a tornado more in terms of the point at which a particular technology takes off. Presenting at SNWEurope: Powering the Cloud last week, I used the analogy to show what new storage technologies are changing the landscape, and how businesses stand to benefit if they take up the chase.

But while the tornado is busy breaking things up, the driving force in storage today is in fact the opposite: integration. In the past the storage industry was all about selling components. And system integrators, resellers or end users had to do the integration to complete their infrastructure stacks. With all the deficiencies in speed, flexibility, quality and cost that went with it.

Today we have higher expectations to make our businesses flexible and agile, more efficient, and deliver to a higher standard of service, and we want as much as possible of the integration to be done for us. Many IT managers are rethinking how they deploy, use and manage their limited resources. As IT infrastructure continues to evolve to be more business-centric, the following technologies are increasingly coming to the fore:

  • SAP: integrating solid state storage with applications – SAP HANA micro-second business analytics is a game changer
  • Integration with the cloud – Fujitsu Dynamic Infrastructure Blocks for agility, efficiency and quality assurance
  • Modern data protection – leveraging snapshot and replication technology
  • Virtualization – integrating storage technology with VMware

If you are coming along to Fujitsu Forum on November 9-10 in Munich, you’ll have lots of opportunity to see and hear about this in practice, and discuss how to apply it to your business.

Marcus Schneider, Head of Product Development Group Storage

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