Challenges in the selection of e-commerce platforms


The percentage of online purchases has grown rapidly in recent years. Although this creates a difficult situation for many local retailers, particularly those located in smaller towns, it is very convenient not being tied to business opening times, but rather be able to order sports clothing, books, toys and even furniture in the evening, via a smartphone, lying on the couch. Very often, the products are even delivered to your doorstep the very next day. Being able to deliver this “luxury” for us poses huge challenges for e-commerce providers in terms of identifying the most appropriate infrastructure platform:

  • Website response times are longer if many users simultaneously try to order products – just think of those concerts or sport events that sell out in just a few minutes.
  • Service can be frequently interrupted. As a result of an excessive number of page requests, the response time can not only be slow, but there is also the risk of downtime. This inevitably leads to loss of business.
  • Expanding system capacity is also difficult and time-consuming because new servers need to be installed, wired and deployed.

A potential platform for this field of operation is based on FUJITSU PRIMERGY Blade Server systems. But these blade servers can handle far more than a well-designed e-commerce solution or online store. The blades can also address a broad cross-section of workloads, from IT and web infrastructures up to even high-performance computing applications.


Each PRIMERGY Blade Server is like a small data center within a chassis. In addition to the actual servers, it contains all the necessary infrastructure components, such as power supply units and fans, network components (Connection Blades), storage blades and management components (Management Blades). The form factor design focuses on the density of hardware components and the ease by which technology can be extended and/or replaced. The blade servers also offer the advantage of a highly integrated switched backplane that delivers high reliability due to redundant components. In addition, the centralization of resources simplifies the provision of servers and administration. As such, you can run your own “mini data center” to provide a powerful, scalable and reliable infrastructure for not only your online shops, but also other systems such as your CRM system or e-mail server, in just a single cabinet. Blade servers are particularly well-suited for data center consolidation strategies, and most first-generation integrated system strategies have been based on blade servers.

Watch our new video for the FUJITSU PRIMERGY BX Blade Servers and get to know our comprehensive portfolio and the benefits it can offer you: FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY BX Blade Systems – Platform for converged infrastructure to reduce cost and effort

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