The caveman & the evolution of the anthropomorphized machine

The caveman & the evolution of the anthropomorphized machine

Ever since the dawn of time we as human beings have always strived and wanted to achieve more. Throughout our relatively short inhabitation on the planet, we have been rather clumsily attempting to evolve our primitive minds presumably for a greater good by learning from our initial binary mistakes. But what can the way we evolved as humans teach us about the changing role of technology in the future?

Learning by doing

As primitive humans, we started out as survivalists at an extremely torrid time where life and death actually mean exactly that!  Early man would take the data learned from his predecessors – Caveman: what is fire? – and computing, via our subconscious neurotransmitters & receptors in the brain, based on a crude risk calculation – I wonder if that dinosaur is faster than me? Will it eat me? –  and translate that into action: a midnight stroll through dangerous territory or an early night safe in a cave.

For thousands of years, we have been making conscious and subconscious calculations using our – initially underdeveloped – cerebral lobes and making such life or death decisions based on the situational information that we have to hand. Lessons learned from doing things in different scenarios and predicting outcomes based on analytical insight and problem solving have allowed us to make rational and, in some cases, irrational decisions. We have then overlaid our personal emotional responses, practical self-analysis and knowing when not to repeat poorly conceived plans based on lessons learned. Look familiar? Who knew we were so advanced?

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