Business style on the move

There’s more to business than just boring grey suits. There’s also a stylish way of doing business.

That’s why we will launch our slim and attractive Ultrabooks™ today.

What is a Fujitsu Ultrabook?

Ultrabooks are notebooks aimed at business users who want to identify with their system. Those users are professional, regularly ‘on the move’ and  they’re not just a lifeless suit. For these business professionals design means personality and personality is important.

Hence, Fujitsu’s Ultrabooks attract peoples’ attention – may it be colleagues or customers. But there’s more.  As they’re regularly travelling – either for business or leisure – weight is important too. That’s why Fujitsu Ultrabooks weigh a mere 1.4 kg and are about 16 mm thin – to fit in the slimmest bag. When it comes to business, security also is key. Therefore, security was a top priority when designing the Ultrabooks to make sure confidential data stays safe.

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Technical details:

LIFEBOOK U772 Ultrabook™

LIFEBOOK UH572 Ultrabook™

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