Business Solutions and Shoes

Watching my wife enthusiastically click through the innumerable models of footwear the wordwide web has to offer, I came to think that IT administrators around the world will soon be able to enjoy a similar pastime. Of course it will have nothing to do with shoes, although some parallels do exist, as you will see. I am talking about the Fujitsu Business Solutions Store. Though the official launch will be later this year you can already click and see what it looks like – and of course, you are free to do some ‘solutions-shopping’.

The Business Solutions Store is a transparent on-line marketplace where companies can easily find solutions optimally suited to achieving their goals – like the perfect pair of shoes. The decision is facilitated by rating and evaluation systems. Just as shoe stores offer footwear suitable for all weather conditions, all occasions and sizes, the Business Solutions Store provides all kinds of software for companies of all sizes – for the long run as well as for temporary use. The solutions are accessible for everyone and available on demand. Best of all – once the optimum solution has been identified, it is ready to use immediately. This is where I see the difference to shoe shopping. You do not have to wait impatiently until the postman delivers your package or worry whether it will arrive in time.

Getting your solution via the Business Solutions Store cloud means no migration plans, no endless sets of test runs, no database configurations, no licence management, etc. Think that sounds like wishful thinking? Then you are going to be surprised by how concrete our plans have already become. We have received an overwhelmingly positive response from software firms. Since our internal “Forum” fair in November 2011, we have rapidly gained critical mass with over 500 interested companies, and there are already more than 70 cloud-enabled services within the store – and it’s steadily becoming more. The ISVs recognized right away that the Business Solutions Store will be the cloud model of the future, offering revenue-sharing opportunities and enabling them to reach a wider base of customers in new markets. What software houses find most attractive is the ease of transition, plus the way we have removed the cost and risk barriers. Maybe that is the secret of our successful start: since Fujitsu is not tied down by legacy software-licensing models, we are able to move really fast. There is virtually nothing holding us back.

So within four months of announcing the Business Solutions Store, it is available for every software vendor to join. Let’s hope that solution buyers will find the Business Solutions Store as attractive as some women find shoe stores (sorry for serving prejudices. I admit that I myself already bought some pairs of shoes online and spent an awful lot of time browsing).

Yours sincerely,

Andre Kiehne

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