Breakout Sessions at Fujitsu Forum – Sourcing from the Cloud

In this last part of our blog series we fly among the clouds – Sourcing from the Cloud is another topic of the Breakout Sessions at Fujitsu Forum 2012 in Munich!

Find out from our specialists how to build your own cloud infrastructure that ensures fast infrastructure provisioning but also uses infrastructure resources as an external service in order to extend a company’s own capabilities. This is supplemented with methodologies and services for introducing the cloud solution into your company’s organization.

The cloud has fantastic potential to accelerate the provisioning of business applications and also the fast adoption of other services. IT organizations benefit not only from faster utilization speed, but also from flexible pay-as-you-use schemes in contrast to the traditional and complex license management for software.

In “How to build your own cloud infrastructure” our colleague Michael Homborg will explain how building an own cloud enables companies to harness the benefits of cloud computing while keeping control over data and applications. Yet, implementing a complicated stack can be challenging. Fujitsu can meet all the customer requirements by supporting private cloud projects – from delivering the components for customized projects up to ready-to-run factory-integrated solutions that enable faster time to production.

The cloud contains almost unlimited potential for accelerating IT projects and delivering better business support. The key questions are: how to handle those first steps, what should be done in-house, which cloud services are to be sourced from outside and what is the right mix. Rupert Lehner, Fujitsu, provides some clear recommendations based on best practices and outlines how Fujitsu can turn your cloud journey into a successful trip in his presentation “Getting Concrete with your Cloud Journey”.

André Kiehne, VP Cloud Business at Fujitsu will talk about another aspect of the Cloud in “The Personalized Cloud: Getting the apps closer to you”. Business is changing with light speed but the traditional sourcing of applications takes many months, forcing IT to deal with complex licensing schemes as well as costs and causes complex maintenance processes. With the Fujitsu Cloud Store you can get your solutions in an instant by simply receiving subscriptions of services instead of purchasing licenses. Maintenance costs are included and payment depends on usage.

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