Best in Cloud Award – Fujitsu among the finalists!

Fujitsu’s ISV Cloud Program including Fujitsu’s Business Enablement Services is among the finalists of a prestigious, Best in Cloud Award. The winner will be voted for by the audience of customers and specialists in cloud services – those best able to separate Cloud hype from Cloud reality – at the conference of the same name and organized by the influential German IT magazine, Computerwoche.

In the context of the ISV Cloud Program Kendox AG has extended its personnel-records solution “Digitale Personalakte” by a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering. In no time at all, Kendox integrated its existing software with the cloud portal, the billing engine, and the virtual infrastructure (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) of Fujitsu, so that its services can be delivered to end customers in a secure, financially-viable, yet easy-to-access way.

According to Manfred Terzer, CEO Kendox, ”Fujitsu offers an all-inclusive package for software vendors to get started in the Cloud. The ISV Cloud Program not only offers hosting services in local data-centers but delivers ready-to-use Cloud-business enablement services, which allows Kendox to start building its Online-business immediately.”

This convinced the Best in Cloud Award 2011 judging panel of recognized experts to nominate Fujitsu’s ISV Cloud Program, along with the Kendox “diperia” customer-reference project.

On October 13, the finalists will present their projects at the Best in Cloud Conference at the Capitol Theater in Offenbach-am-Main.

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