Behind the scenes: LIFEBOOK Augmented Reality

During the past few weeks,  we have been working on our LIFEBOOK Augmented reality app (AR). As Augmented reality is one of THE marketing trends for this year, we decided to bring it into our LIFEBOOK brochures to bring them to life. AR gives our customers the ability to engage with our LIFEBOOK messages by creating a holographic picture using a code and a webcam. Holding the code up to the webcam gives the illusion that there is a three-dimensional object in front of the viewer.

Our target is to

  • Experience our LIFEBOOK messages (Quality, Connectivity, Battery runtime and Security) animated in 3 D
  • Prolong the half-value period of the brochure

So here is some the backstory:

First there was a story board. Our 4 stories were completely rebuilt with clay. E.g. the petrol station was built around a CD cover.

After that we also had to create some accessories with clay and take pictures of each side. Based on these pictures a 3D artist modeled these objects tridimensionally.

We included also some special features like the rise and fall of the sun and made some  changes to the light conditions and added a sound to each scenario to bring it to life .

But see yourself.

The app is available through our website:

Here is a video demo:

– Daniel

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    November 21, 2010

    What a great way to do stuff in a fun way...

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