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Datacenter Program Manager

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He joined the company in 2002 and is focused on the conception, production and roll-out of datacenter programs. Since starting in the IT industry in 1996 he has covered a number of roles including: Telesales, Order Management, Tender Management and Product Marketing. He has lived throughout Europe, the Middle East and South America and is fluent in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

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Fujitsu Forum: Keynote 'Quantum Computing'

Fujitsu Forum: Keynote ‘Quantum Computing’

To break a standard public RSA encryption code involves testing large numbers that with General Purp...

Fujitsu Forum keynote with Rita McGrath: Digital Ecosystems in context

Fujitsu Forum Keynote: Digital Ecosystems in context

The new logic of value creation in uncertain environments In which context does digital co-creation ...

fujitsu and netapp deliver with their close partnership IT infrastructure solutions supporting IT managers. Keynote at Fujitsu Forum 2017.

Putting Your Data at the center of your Digital Transformation: Co-creation with NetApp and Fujitsu

Data is strategic This point was made emphatically by Alexander Harth, Head of User Support, Deutsch...

Breakout Session: How to move from a service provider to service integration in a hybrid world

How to move from a service provider to service integration in a hybrid world

According to analyst forecasts, the on-premise EMEA market is shrinking fast; within a few years it ...

Dr. Rolf Werner`s keynote at Fujitsu Forum`17

Make Industry 4.0 happen – Co-create real business benefits

Taking the example of textiles, Rolf Werner, Head of Central Europe, Fujitsu, looked into the first ...

Opening Keynote - Digital Co-Creation

Fujitsu Forum `17: Opening Keynote – Digital Co-Creation

Over 1,600 businesses leaders were surveyed by Fujitsu and key findings show that: Whilst 46% of or...