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Ravi Krishnamoorthi

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Head of Manufacturing & Automotive, Fujitsu EMEIA.

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Ravi Krishnamoorthi is Head of Manufacturing & Automotive, Fujitsu EMEIA.

He has been with Fujitsu since November 2015 and previously led Fujitsu's Business Applications Services (BAS) division.

Ravi joined Fujitsu from business technology company CSC, bringing with him over 25 years of leadership and transformational expertise.

He has had an array of key global executive positions across a number of businesses and has also overseen change management to meet business objectives and goals. He has been instrumental in culture change in his earlier transformation engagements with Mahindra, CSC and Dell.

Ravi has an Honors degree in Systems Management and is experienced in programming languages C, C++, UNIX and COBOL. He is also a Commerce graduate from Madurai Kamaraj University and a graduate member of the All India Management Association.

Ravi has had numerous awards in his career, but his proudest moment was the nomination and selection to the ‘Next-gen Leaders Forum’ at CSC, which drove the digital, cloud and next-gen services strategy.

Ravi enjoys playing and watching cricket. He is a self-proclaimed ‘All-rounder’ in cricketing parlance and bowls medium pace and a middle-order bat. He plays for a town club in Milton Keynes, WOKs Cricket Club.

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