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Senior Manager Digital Marketing, Global Marketing

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In his global marketing role at Fujitsu, Daniel is responsible for digital campaigns and social media marketing including the Digital Influencer Relation Program.

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Social Media Tips - Fujitsu Forum 2017

Fujitsu Forum 2017 LIVE

We are live streaming the Fujitsu Forum 2017 in Munich for the full 2 days. Don`t miss the highlight...

Social Media Tips - Fujitsu Forum 2017

Useful Social Media Tips when Attending an Event

Fujitsu Forum is only a few days away. We’ve got a packed schedule of keynotes and breakout...

How to prepare for #FujitsuForum

How to prepare for #FujitsuForum

Join over 12,000 people from across the world as we explore the future of digital technology togethe...

project cirrus

Project Cirrus World Record 1 man. 1 suit. 2 jumps. 4 records.

Fraser Corsan and the Project Cirrus team have arrived in California and are finalizing plans for an...

Using AI and IoT to optimize factory-wide operation

This solution here on display at the #FujitsuForum visualizes all manufacturing data to provide ac...

Future Store – Where Humans Work Together with Robots

With this prototype demonstration at #FujitsuForum, a robot autonomously roams inside a shop and &#...