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Jochen Michels is Head of Public Affairs at Fujitsu Germany. He studied political science, public law and history at Helmut-Schmidt University / University of Federal Armed Forces Germany in Hamburg. As best graduate of the Faculty of Economic Sciences in the academic year 1994 he was awarded with the Böttcher Foundation Prize. Jochen holds an additional degree as a PR and PA Manager (DAPR). For more than 20 years, he has been working in various marketing, public relations and public affairs management positions in the ICT industry. Previously, he was an Army officer at Federal Armed Forces of Germany and has held various staff and management positions as an officer at the engineer forces and at the Public Relations Department at the Federal Ministry of Defense. Jochen heads the new establishes Fujitsu liaison office near Brandenburg Gate in the historical center of Berlin and is responsible for all political networking activities of Fujitsu in Germany.

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Digitization: The central topic at the Bavarian State delegation’s visit to Tokyo

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