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Rabih has 18 years’ experience within the IT Industry during that time Rabih has worked in various leadership, business development and Architecture / Service Delivery disciplines on large complex managed service contracts for Global IT Service companies. Rabih is a consummate professional with a relaxed and amiable personality allowing him to interact comfortably and confidently across the customer estate and wider stakeholders.

Rabih joined Fujitsu in 2012 and operated in a number of business development and technical strategy roles primarily within the Private and Public Sectors. Now specialising in empowering enterprises to be effective in the digital age utilising emerging technology.

Rabih broad international background in innovation and technology makes him a valuable conversation partner for anyone faced with the challenges of keeping up with technology or looking to radically accelerate business innovation. He helps clients understand trends, innovation and transformation. Over the years and speaking from hands-on experience, Rabih has covered the many strands that make up the technology landscape of today: open innovation, cloud, end user service-oriented architecture, mobile, big data, cybersecurity, collaboration, DevOps and lean-startup, blockchain and machine intelligence.

His most recent assignment was as Chief Technology Officer to one of Fujitsu’s largest global client within the retail and hospitality sector. Here Rabih was responsible and authoritative for defining, solutioning and delivering a number of global digital programmes enabling an efficient and agile model that is integral to the client’s core business growth strategy and vision.

Rabih attained various technical and leadership qualifications throughout his career. This is in addition to his further education in computer science and business studies.

Moving forward in creating a Digital Transport environment, accessible to all and working with partners, evangelists, academia, industry leads and partners, Rabih is excited about the future.

Whilst retaining a passion for all things technical, outside of work Rabih lives in London with his wife and two daughters where he enjoys the simpler things in life such as music, cooking, and travelling.

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