Are two palms better than one to secure critical SAP transactions?

Palms!? The word probably evokes pictures of endless beaches, blue skies, clear water – and ultimate relaxation! This is of course not what we can deliver when we take care of critical SAP transactions. Sorry! But nonetheless “ultimate relaxation” is a perfect keyword!

Think how much more relaxed you would be if your most critical SAP transactions could be perfectly secured. Not only by using a standard dual approval principle, but a dual approval principle that leaves absolutely no doubt about the identity of both approvers! This is why you need two palms or to be more precise the palm veins of two approvers’ hands.

So, let’s have a closer look at critical SAP transactions such as high-value transactions or business-critical decisions. Here we often find policies that require two trusted managers to simultaneously approve the transactions – theoretically ensuring greater security and accountability. However, unless the identity of these managers is verified using biometric verification, fraud is still a strong possibility.

Fortunately we can secure any SAP transaction by using BIOMETRIC Identity Management & Credentialing via bioLock software and Fujitsu PalmSecure. The high security results from the fact that biometric characteristics such as palm veins are unique and cannot be shared, stolen or guessed like passwords, smartcards, etc. Thus, palm vein scanning is much better than other methods in ensuring that the person at the keyboard is none other than the authorized user (see blog post on: Secure SAP transactions – Just use your vein instead of your brain!).

And, an even higher level of security can be reached by applying a dual approval principle supported by BIOMETRIC Identity Management & Credentialing. This means that the two “trusted” managers are required to simultaneously authenticate with a biometric scan. The result is an ultimate level of accountability, leaving an indisputable audit trail – or so to speak ultimate relaxation regarding the security of SAP transactions. So, undoubtedly two palms are better than one… 😉

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