Appetite for Digitalization in Britain


More than half of the British working population lack adequate “digital services” to allow them to do their job properly.

The Fujitsu “Digital Inside Out” study identified a significant gap between what British employees need in terms of digital technology, and what they are provided with at work. Almost three quarters of staff feel that digital services are the key to their company’s future success. Conversely, just 45% feel that they actually have access to the technology, services and applications they need to be able to do their job properly. Almost one in three (29%) employees feel that poor digital services actually represent a hindrance at the workplace.

29. Appetite for Digitalization in Britain

Appetite for Greater Investment
Digitalization offers organizations three distinct advantages in the form of remote working, real-time access to information and, not least, time savings. The research paints a clear picture of working Brits’ positive view of technology. More than two thirds (67%) believe that their organization should invest more in technological services and apps in the next two years.

The Digital Inside Out study also looked into the main obstacles preventing employees from being able to take full advantage of the services and applications they do have at their disposal. Half (50%) of respondents cited a lack of training, while too many (42%) blamed a lack of knowledge among employees of the services that are available to them. One third (33%) reported that the fastest and easiest solution is often to ignore the technology and avoid using it altogether.

Going Dutch on Digitalization
An earlier Dutch Fujitsu IT satisfaction survey already identified that employees regard investment in digital technology very positively. The survey showed younger staff in particular are often bothered by the speed of their devices, which are increasingly being used remotely for work purposes. Overall the survey showed that new equipment significantly improves satisfaction levels of Dutch employees at work.

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