Always be prepared – Smart VM backup with Fujitsu ETERNUS CS200c Powered by Commvault

Always be prepared - Smart VM backup with Fujitsu ETERNUS CS200c Powered by Commvault

Every good boy and girl scout knows the importance of “always being prepared” for any scenario. For them this might mean always carrying a spare inner tube, in case their bicycle gets a puncture. However, being this ready for any eventuality is more challenging in later life, particularly if you are an IT manager.

Today’s IT manager is under a great deal of pressure – with digitalization increasingly becoming the norm, a typical business’ everyday data has now attained mission-critical importance. In parallel, under the pressure to ensure maximum agility and to minimize capital expenditure, many businesses have migrated to intricate virtual environments. This increased complexity means that it is now more challenging than ever for IT teams to ensure that all data is backed up and to be truly prepared for the worst-case scenarios – in other words, equipment failure or data loss. In fact, only 30 percent of enterprises with virtual infrastructures currently perform regular backups of their virtual files due to the extremely challenging nature of the task.

Fujitsu has developed the ETERNUS CS200c integrated backup appliance as a simple solution to help manage this complex issue, which is often exacerbated by the fact that many businesses deploy a combination of physical and virtual environments. The appliance is designed to be an out-of-the-box solution that minimizes the potential risk entailed in missed backups, post-disaster recovery failures or the corruption of sensitive data. The ETERNUS CS200c is an integrated backup appliance based on best-in-class Fujitsu technology and industry leading Commvault® data management software.

The Fujitsu CS200c integrated backup appliance is ideally suited to eliminate the separate data silos usually associated with traditional snapshot, backup, archive, and reporting products. The unified, automated data protection platform provides a single, complete view of all business-critical data wherever it is located. This also means that, by being able to effectively leverage data assets across the entire enterprise, it is easier for organizations to derive valuable new insights from it.

The software’s features include VM recovery with live recovery options; backup to and in the cloud; custom-fit data protection for every SLA; the broadest hardware snapshot management; and workload portability across physical, virtual and cloud platforms.

The software is easy to use – as it automatically identifies and integrates all existing VMs in the backup process, ensuring that none remain unprotected. In addition, by using the intuitive user interface administrators can quickly define which virtual machines they want to protect, and can even select individual files, folders and complete VMs that they would like included in or excluded from the backup process. The software also lets them define the backup options and storage policies that best suit their company’s needs, whether that is immediate backup of VMs, on demand or according to a fixed schedule.

Fujitsu’s ETERNUS CS200c appliance with the integrated Commvault data platform provides a simple “all-in-one” approach to backing up and archiving business-critical data, dramatically simplifying this time-consuming and onerous task. With the combination of Commvault and Fujitsu IT managers really can be prepared for any eventuality, as they build agile, efficient and cost-effective virtual infrastructures with backup and restore capabilities they can rely on.

To see how simple it is to set up and manage backup processes of virtual machines with the Fujitsu’s ETERNUS CS200c – watch our video: Looking for a smart VM backup? Use Fujitsu ETERNUS CS200c Powered by Commvault.

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