A standard office workplace in 2040

In the early 1900s, American financier John Pierpont Morgan actually had an electric generator in his office (with the attendant noise and smoke). He would probably have a hard time imagining electric power wheeled over thousands of kilometers, as it is today. And no one today would want to work next to an electric generator. 

Will the same occur to our office workplace in 2040? It seems a good bet that in 30 years from now, we will only vaguely remember that servers used to be located in the corner of the office, or the in-house rack of blades, taking up space, making noise, and needing constant maintenance and software updates and security. Perhaps by then we will have sensors on our fingers and near our eyes that will preclude the need for both keyboards and screens. Or perhaps all computer functions will be voice activated. 

I’m currently discussing this vision with more than 50 journalists from all over Europe during a press event in our Augsburg office. We’ll give you more impressions from this event later this week. 

Cloud computing, or Infrastructure-as-a-Service is a big buzz everywhere right now. No wonder, Infrastructure-as-a-Service makes a lot sense, since it also provides relief from many hassles – especially for Small and Medium Enterprises: 

1)      Logistic benefits, such as less electricity used and less noise and heat on site

2)      IT extra performance benefits, such as computing capacity always available when you need
          it – and when you don’t, you don’t need to keep it running

3)      No need to have an on-site specialist trained in how to operate the equipment

4)      By switching over to Infrastructure-as-a-Service, you are immediately converting fixed
          costs (the capital tied up in server hardware and software licenses) into variable costs
         (pay-as-you-go model). 

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